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God Of Rng

Updated Starter Guide

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Price guide for megascape rsps:

Hi guys another guide this time updated ever so slightly with set prices and 

a few other bits added to the guide including world boss 

gear. Hope this helps alot and have fun grinding.

seadra- 50m per piece (250m for set)
lugia- 60m per piece (300m for set)                                
yvaltal- 90m per piece (450m for set)
toxin master-110m per piece (550m for set)
inf guardian-130m per piece (650m for set)
baphomet-250m per (normal piece) (300m per baph torva piece)(1.5b for norm set)(900m for baph torva set)
doomsday-270m per piece (220m for boots)(1.4b for set
darth vader-300m per piece (1.5b for set)
sephiroth-400m per piece (2b for set) 
haunter-450m per piece (2.250b for set)
abaddon-550m per piece (2.750b for set)
corp beast-600m per piece (3b for set)
toxic cerb-750m per peice (3.750b for set)
skotizo-840m per peice (4.2b for set)
blastoise-1.1b per piece (5.5b for set)
venasaur-1.250b per piece (6.250b for set)
blood nex-1.4b per piece (7b for set)
machamp-1.750b per piece (8.750b for set)
blaziken-2b per piece (10b for set)
scyther-2.150b per piece (10.750b for set)
sharky-2.5b per piece (12.5b for set)
sasuke-7b per piece (price is high due to the bonus dr full set gives)(35b for set)
orochimaru-9b per piece (same as sasuke)(45b for set)
telos-650m per piece (1.950b for set)
ash ketchum- 5b per piece (25b for set)

seadra bow- 55m
lugia minigun- 100m lugia scythe- 60m
yvltal scythes- 125m
toxin scythes- 150m each thumper- 155m glaive- 160m defender 200m
infinity scythe- 225m    
baphomet sword- 250m drygore offhand- 260m
doomsday scythe- 300m glaive- 300m
vader (all) lasers- 350m each
seph sword- 410m
haunter staff- 515m glaive- 520m
abaddon hammer- 600m
corp staff- 635m
toxic cerb death sword- 750m
skot hammer- 825m
blastoise bow- 900m blastoise swords- 1b each
venasaur staff- 1.2b
blood nex minigun- 1.450b
machamps quad blade- 1.750b
blazikens staff- 2b
scythers scimitar- 2.250b
sharky staff- 2b
madara fan-275m madara fan (x) 675m


collector neck- 5b
row- 1b
row (1)- 1.5b
row (2)- 2b
row (3)- 3b
LROW- 15b
vote scrolls- 100m ea
$1 scroll 350m ea

world boss gear:

metal guru- 10b a piece
cherubimon- 4.5b a piece
charizard- 1b a piece
dalek- 500m a piece
madara-250m per piece
goku- 250m per piece


Hope that this guide helps and feel free to pm me ingame if need any guidance or aren't sure on the prices

I will be posting the link to this page in the servers discord guides section but please make sure you check

out the guide as it will help alot with your journey through megascape.

much love- God Of Rng

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